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  1. Why you shouldn't see what you get

    I’ve come across a few articles recently that explain how to make the WordPress WYSIWYG editor look like the design of your actual site. Whilst I understand the principle behind this I actually think it’s a bad idea.

  2. How to make WordPress post titles link to another site

    The web is all about sharing and we all like to share all the new and exciting things we discover every day. It’s not unusual for bloggers to write articles linking to their findings. A recent trend is to make the title of these posts link directly to whatever it is you might be linking to ala Tumblr.

  3. WordPress custom includes

    A brief guide to a handy little WordPress trick I recently discovered. It may be simple but it really is worth knowing about.

  4. The CMS analogy

    Chris Coyier from CSS Tricks has published an analogy describing the relationship between HTML and a CMS.

    HTML isn’t for content these days, it’s for describing content. Databases are for content.

  5. A plug-in for WordPress custom post types

    We’re all aware of WordPress 3.0 and it’s new features including my favourite; Custom post types. This for anyone who doesn’t know is the ability to post different types of content rather than strictly posts and pages. Prior to custom post types I had to rely on using categories to separate content and it was less than ideal.

  6. To ExpressionEngine and back again…

    I’ve been toying with the idea of moving my site over to ExpressionEngine for quite some time and last week I actually started to do so. The first thing I did was purchase a Freelance license which was the most suitable option for me and conveniently the most affordable also.

  7. One thing I wish WordPress could do

    WordPress is a very powerful tool and with every release it gets better but there’s one thing that I would really like to be able to do and that is publish multiple weblogs.

  8. WordPress 3.0 released

    This one really did sneak up on me. I was aware that Wordpress 3.0 was in the works and was also available in public beta but did not expect the final release to be ready when I logged in today.

  9. Rydz Design: The WordPress stuff part 1

    I said a while ago that I would write about the Wordpress development that went into the making of this site. It then crossed my mind that it may be a bit too much for one article, forcing me to summarise a lot and skip over the details, so I’m going to break it down into a few articles.

  10. Why I love WordPress

    It will come as a surprise to absolutely no one that this site is powered entirely by Wordpress. Although primarily a blogging tool, over the years many CMS type features have been added. And lets face it, isn’t a blogging tool a CMS, as it allows you to manage content?